Our professional services extend throughout Chile and abroad, with an efficient administration and case management system in all its stages, which allows us to satisfy the complex requirements of our clients in a coordinated manner.

Goñi & Cia.

Goñi & Cia. Is a law firm formed by professionals with extensive experience in the national and international market providing comprehensive legal services and specialized in civil and commercial matters, mainly in matters related to insurance, civil liability, corporate law, and transport law including marine, air, and land.

The firm's office is located in the municipality of Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

Our Mission

Provide legal services of an integral nature in civil and commercial matters, with efficiency, quality and personalized attention, in order to achieve the best results in the solution of conflicts, needs and legal problems.

The team is composed by lawyers specialized in Chile and in the main academic centers of the world in the professional areas they develop, which allows Goñi & Cia To provide excellent services to its clients.


Legal Recovery

We represent the interests of insurers and transport users in the exercise of legal recovery actions against maritime, air and land carriers.


We provide legal defense services in claims or indemnity actions for damages for civil liability, representing the interests of the defendants directly or to the insurance companies that cover said risks.


The firm has specialized lawyers in this area of law, who provide clients with first level services in the following topics: maritime transport, multimodal transport, general breakdown, collision, boarding, pollution, salvage, towing, financing, ports, and terminals.


The professional team of Goñi & Cia. Has a wide experience in advising in the field of insurance and reinsurance law. Analysis of national and international regulations related to insurance, participation in arbitrations, claims through subrogation, preparation, and review of insurance policy conditions.


We have professionals of recognized prestige in the field of judicial litigation, achieved thanks to the favorable solution of important lawsuits both nationally and internationally, constituting in addition the indispensable complement of its specialists.


Corporate legal guidance based on adequate and timely customer service. For these purposes, we have lawyers who have actively participated in advising national and foreign clients, with a successful development in the businesses that have been entrusted.